Wednesday, 22 February 2012

General Safety

In DT, there are a number of safety rules that you must follow in order to use the machines and work safely. The diagram below will explain what gear you must wear in order to be safe:

Doing this, along with following the rules on signs at all times:

And always tying a knot in power chords:

Will ensure safety while working in Design Technology. 

Some other helpful safety tips are:
- Don't get too close to people working using saws or machines, they can loose concentration and hurt themselves, or they could accidentally hurt you. Keep a good distance from them and do not distract them.
- Do not leave chairs or other obstacles around the work area. This poses a trip hazard, and if someone trips in the work area, they may accidentally bump someone working on a machine and cause serious injury to themselves or others.
- Keep exposed chords or wires taped back or secured in some way so that people do not trip on them. Exposed wires can also be an electrical hazard, so do not touch exposed wires and inform a teacher immediately.

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